About Aaron

Hello Everyone…..

Welcome to Real Fitness Health, a website focused on our state of health, physical being and state of mind. These areas have always been of great interest to me. For one… where the mind goes the body will follow. And ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities are important aspects of all our lives. Concluding physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, some supplementation (optional), moderate, yet vigorous physical exercise and sufficient rest.

In order for physical fitness activity to benefit us, we have to get to the point where exertion triggers a response called a stimulus. Exercise with the correct amount of intensity, duration, and frequency can produce a very significant amount of improvement to our bodies.

I have personally overall felt better with consistent exercise, but the physical effects on the body took weeks or months to be noticed and years for FULL development which is totally normal, so have patience. This is a life style adaptation and a rewarding one at that.

When we are training, exercise must provide a stress or demand on either a function or tissue. For continued improvements, this demand must eventually increase little by little over an extended period. Exercise has 3 training principles: overload, specificity, and progression. These principles are related to health but also enhancement of physical working capacity.
In other words, the body is NOT going to change unless you add the above normal effort to your routine at some point!!


I worked in a correction facility for 26 years, I was never injured, seriously challenged or could not handle a situation that arose which required some type of physical restraint needing to be applied. Why was that?

Perhaps because I was lucky for my whole career, perhaps? No… probably because I was physically fit enough to either make another person(s) think twice about challenging me physically and it looked like I worked out and I could be possibly strong enough to stop someone let alone hurt someone who was trying to hurt me!

However, to be honest, for me it was just about trying to be fit and in shape as people perceptions are their own demise. I can tell you that we feel our best when we are physically fit. We are confident and we perform at our top ability in everything. We should dedicate at least 3 hours a week to our bodies concerning some form of exercise. This site will give you ideas that fit you!

I am dedicated to showing people from all walks of life the different methods to do so. We take our bodies everywhere we go and need to realize that when we learn the proper way to eat and exercise, we feel better, live longer and are more happy.

I’d like to be that source to show people the different paths that will provide all the latest, greatest information available to achieve better health and fitness.


This website is all about helping others achieve their peak physical health and fitness. Let’s face it, regular exercise helps to keep people healthy and ready to meet emergencies!

Without our health we are not going to accomplish what we set out to do in life, so it all starts there. We will work on improvement of health and maintaining our health as well as the different means to get us there. Spreading information and spreading the word is our goal and improving peoples lives.


My goal is to provide for and create a community of individuals who can reap the benefits of solid information, products and visual/instructional guidance.

Providing the best information to help others in their own journeys towards peak health and fitness is our #1 goal.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,